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Our Weight Loss Program products aim to release and metabolize fat calories off your body. While on the 50 Day Weight Loss Program hunger won't be an issue. On our program and using our supplements, you will lose the fat and excess weight but won't have the side effect of losing lean body mass. With the 50 Day Weight Loss Program, we always focus on the loss of abnormal fat. With other competitive diets, this is not always the case and you could be losing lean body mass in addition to abnormal fat.


We know that all natural ingredients are important to you. We are proud of the all natural ingredients we use and the overall quality of our supplements. In fact, we have many patients who are Doctors.


ADVANCE: Oral Sublingual Spray

  • ​The Weight Loss Company's proprietary formula is designed for maximum weight loss Each ingredient is FDA registered, safe and is known to support weight loss.
  • Our formula also will flush out toxins from the body by stimulatiing the normal elimination pathways.
  • ​The ADVANCE Oral Spray regulates and improves the function of organs and glands to normalize their activity, including specific support for the liver, gallbladder, colon, spleen, pancreas, thyroid, and other hormone receptors to stimulate healthy weight-loss by way of hormonal balance and improved function.


  • ​This exclusive formula increases energy, promotes memory, increases your metabolism and helps support the immune system while helping to maximize weight-loss.
  • ​ENDURE is shown to lower levels of homocysteine. In research, high levels of homocysteine are believed to increase the occurrence of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's Disease and osteoporosis. ENDURE also has powerful mood elevating properties that will help you feel great during your weight-loss process.


  • Promotes the sensation of being full.
  • This product addresses the feeling of hunger and cravings. Just when those cravings for late night snacks kick-in, this product is at its best and will help you feel full and turn away from those cravings.

​If you follow this program correctly, you will lose weight. Remember, you do not have to exercise on this program to ensure its effectiveness. You will be AMAZED by the results and will feel and look your best. We can't wait to hear about your progress and success.